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About me


I cannot imagine a life without music, without dreaming or without moving and growing. I found different ways of expressing this cherished feeling that has always lived inside of me, that kept me going. I could call it creativity but I think that would not cover the charge for me. To me, expressing one’s creativity is like eating or breathing, it’s essential. I call it spirituality, it’s like life expressing life. Even though I have not always been very expressive as a person, I have always been creative. Creativity is a way of living life and is not only determent by a form of art. I think that life itself is the ultimate form of art, savoir vivre… Projecting beauty, projecting possibilities in whatever situation I may find myself. Finding ways to express awareness, kindness and comprehension in any way, without getting mellow or cocky about it… Just as a way of being, following natures nature… A simple conscious and open way of being me… To live and to let live… Respect all life, nature and who I am…

I have experienced that, in doing so, I have often felt scrutinized. I guess that’s all part of the deal. I guess that it shows opinions, and opinions are just opinions. I really believe that if we all could take our own opinions a little less serious, the world would be a nicer place to live a life, transcending difference into diversity, separateness into uniqueness… I guess that deep inside I must be an optimistic guy, realistic too… I have always thought of that as a special gift of life, whatever life may be, it loves me and has always been nice, kind and generous towards me… It loves me as much as I love it.

As I wrote in one of my songs, I have always lived my way, did what I thought I had to do… Sometimes I had good ideas, sometimes I had ‘not so good’ ideas, but I think that until now I lived a fantastic life and I’m thankful for that, every day… I travelled a lot, I have met some amazing people and cultures. In doing so I experienced what we all have in common, our shared origin and the oneness of all that is. The one that expresses itself through the many… I found that life, or existence, has many layers, like different parallel realities. Every one of them creating and sustaining the other ones…

That is what I love to express through my artworks, whether it is my music or my visual artworks, my lyrics or my talking… It is layers of consciousness inspiring each other, melting together, celebrating oneness… Showing something or showing many things, it’s in the eye of the observer that life finds its meaning or purpose. It’s in the heart of the receiver that life roots.

Life should be a celebration, with its ups and its downs. Life isn’t about protecting one’s comfort-zone… Life is an invitation to experience all of it… To expand and to grow. Detached and free. Knowing how to live is like knowing how to dance. It’s all about rhythm, it is movement… It is an invitation to participate, to express and to communicate its colors, its sounds, its forms and its ways...

I like to call my artworks visionary ‘cause there are many ways that one can look at it. Exploring and finding new ways to experience it. In my music as well, there are many layers, many different ways of telling the story. Just kick back and enjoy the melodies. Your imagination will make it yours as music is a universal language. Waking up memories, dreams, moods, possibilities, solutions… Showing and expressing realities, those whom you believe are possible.

What more can I say..? Enjoy it… Share it… Live it…
Be you, be kind and be gentle.
Respect life in all its forms…
We are all one and whether you like it or not,
We’re all in this together…

Black Hawk