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Artworks EN

Custom Made Artworks

Would you like a custom made artwork?

 Do you already have an idea of what you want? Is there an animal you like? A certain type of landscape, desert, ocean, mountain, sunrise…? Musical instrument, car, city… Everything is possible. Let me know. The more specific you are in your demands, the easier I can adjust the artwork to your taste.
Or maybe you just like me to surprise you…


What I need.

 -          4 to 6 pictures of you, all taken from different angles.
-          2 or 3 pictures of other persons, pets, instruments,… that you want in your artwork.
-          Pictures should be at the highest resolution possible. At least 240dpi and the size should be around 4500pixels to 3000pixels.
-          If taken with an ordinary camera set it on HD.
-          State your preference of how you want your artwork: horizontal, vertical or square.
-          Mail all of this via wetransfer to:


I’ll make you a first version, which you can review, and if necessary make adjustments up to 2 times.
If you opted for the canvas printed version it will be send to your shipping address. You will then also receive the high resolution digital version by mail. ( via wetransfer )
If you opted for the digital version only, you will receive it by mail. ( via wetransfer )


Here are some examples of custom made artworks that I made...